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    With the advent of internet payment options, freelancing over the web has become a legitimate and manageable solution for entrepreneurial-minded writers everywhere. But sometimes it can be difficult to navigate alone the online world of work. We are FindWritingJob.com, and we’ve created a structure that aims to help writers find academic essay writing jobs that suit their skillset. If you are a freelancer, and you’re looking for a reputable company that values your abilities, we might be the best company you’ve discovered so far.

    About the kind of online essay writing jobs we promote

    We have a rigorous hiring process, but don’t let that dissuade you from applying with us; you are wanted. If you are keen on academic copy, and you know how to conduct yourself dealing directly with clients, then we have essay writer jobs for you. We have the best clients because they’re attracted not only to our offers and discounts, but to the diligence of our professionals, which is almost palpable through the positive reviews we regularly receive from satisfied customers. We handle full dissertations to small single-page pieces. We work across disciplines, so we’re sure to have freelance essay writing jobs in your field.

    How it works

    Once you come aboard our team, you’ll gain access to a wealth of current job postings. You get to choose which pitches to engage, and if you win the bid, the work is yours. Aspects that set us apart from the competition include:

    • Autonomy: You get a healthy dose of it. You can be your own editor in many cases, and the online essay writing jobs that you win will depend entirely on your drive.
    • Interaction: As a professional working with FindWritingJob.com, you will gain direct access to the clients whose projects you’ve earned. We depend on succinct communication between you and the client.
    • Flexibility: There are no quotas with us, which means that you can work as much or as little as you need. This translates financially into big bucks or petty cash, whichever you’re in it for. If you want to be a full-time editor with us, we have positions available. But writers can make as much as they set their minds to. All that we ask is promptness vis-à-vis deadlines, and high ethical standards.

    Requirements to get hired

    The process is straight-forward, and it has proven to filter only the best applicants. No matter what you feel, we invite you to apply; you may surprise yourself. If you are a native English speaker, our essay writing jobs online are available to you. You need experience in academic composition, and especially in research. You’ll need to indicate your specialization areas as well. Once you get set up, your essay writing job in the chosen area will kick off, and you’ll start making dollars.

    If you are a professional freelance academic or business writer looking for a stable online job - you've found it. Work full or part-time from the comfort of your home office.

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