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  • Medical writing jobs from home with the best company around

    We are seeking writers with professional medical experience to come aboard our team of expert providers. The best part about it is that you can work from your home, so it’s that much easier to take your coffee as you prefer it. All jest aside, we will introduce ourselves as we do to clients. We are FindWritingJob.com, one of the best academic paper companies online. What makes us so good is that we award our home based medical writing jobs to the best applicants, and in turn these use their skills to bring success to our clients. We consider the relationship between our company and our writers a partnership. You wield a certain level of autonomy in order assure excellence in product, while we handle all the logistics of finding the work, verifying payments, and empowering freelancer pros.

    Who we want for our freelance medical writing jobs

    We want the best. But that begs the question: what defines the best? We’ve narrowed it down to a few things:

    • A gift for the gab: Writing itself is a skill and a talent. Online medical writing jobs at FindWritingJob.com go to the best and the brightest, who can mold words to their desired ends, and convince a reader it works.
    • Research prowess: You need to know your way around a library, both physical and digital. The digital is more important, since we’re talking about medical writing jobs from home.
    • Organization: This is a double-edged sword. We need professionals who are organized both in how they structure a paper, and in how they plan their time. Clients use us because they can trust us to make deadlines, if not precede them.
    • Communication: We want people who know how to rest a client at ease. With us, you work with the client directly; there’s no middle-man. That means you have to address their concerns, apply their input, and field their requests.

    How to get freelance medical writer jobs

    It’s all about perseverance. We want people with experience. If you don’t have enough, get it and come back—we’re always open to applicants. It’s also about recognizing that medical writing freelance jobs usually go to those who have studied medicine. Med school students are wanted in this industry for part time work, but even if you’re years out and in another academic discipline, you have the knowledge that can make you successful in this area. Another key component is that you speak English as your mother tongue. We do not hire non-native speakers, given the technical nature of this kind of work. So if you fit the description, come apply for your medical writing job today.

    If you are a professional freelance academic or business writer looking for a stable online job - you've found it. Work full or part-time from the comfort of your home office.

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