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    Regardless whether you’re inquisitive about freelance proofreading jobs and are contemplating quickly dipping your toes in the water, or you’re a seasoned veteran with hundreds of articles under your belt, chances are you can be doing a better job of marketing your proofreading skills. Many freelance editors and proofers know that marketing and developing their personal brand will help them gain business, but they’re unsure of exactly what that process entails or where to start. FindWritingJob.com has you folks covered.

    Why proofreading is important

    Granted it can seem like an absolute waste of time to proofread content when your clients just want to pay you for work right now, proofreading is an integral step in the process much like any other content job. We’re always open to offering a job for freelance proofreaders, knowing they’ll maximize their earnings potential and solidify their place in this competition-laden field.

    We often find that one job for freelance proofreaders that everyone flocks to involve manuscripts, business plans and general blog content. FindWritingJob.com offers an unparalleled level of support to proofreaders seeking to maximize their potential, earn good pay and keep steady clientele for years to come. Once you’ve started working with us, you’ll notice jobs continually flow your way.

    How to get hired quickly

    Freelance proofreading jobs are in high demand, so competition is oft fierce and unforgiving to the inexperienced writer/proofread. To amplify your credentials and increase your chances of getting hired, Include writing samples, recommendations from clients, and links to where your work can be found. Prove you can edit an eBook; this shows the knowledge you have for your niche and gives potential clients a better idea of your proofreading finesse.

    Because today’s content demands have created a competitive rift for editors and proofreaders to cross, we post for a proofreader wanted often so as to give time for newcomers to develop skills and credentials.

    It’s your job to proofread papers properly, which means when work is handed to our writers, they mustn’t sit idle. The demand for proofreaders is so great today that freelancers are literally stepping on each other’s toes to get this level of higher paying work.

    FindWritingJob.com cares about your success

    If you are excited about jumping into a job to proofread papers like champs, our company has many solutions tailored to help freelancers succeed. One we’ve posted there’s a proofreader wanted on our site, we immediately begin vetting proper candidates for that work. We look at whether you know APA, Oxford or Harvard conventions; we’ll also closely monitor papers you’ve done before to assure you’ve not blatantly missed errors, or missed spacing issues. Once we’ve seen your past success, you’ll have the opportunity to find endless work on our site. FindWritingJob.com is your home for greatness in contingency employment, making sure each writer is satisfied with their workload, while also making certain clients are receiving the finished goods they need. Freelancing doesn’t have to be tumultuous; in fact, our company makes proofreading quite the opposite in terms of steadiness.

    If you are a professional freelance academic or business writer looking for a stable online job - you've found it. Work full or part-time from the comfort of your home office.

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